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Because simple & elegant tools make your world better on the day-to-day. Sure I love waxing poetic about pleasure & mysticism, but ultimately I’m here to help you learn mindfulness-based skills & techniques to incorporate into your everyday wellBEing. Support your journey through this complex thing called life.

I’m not interested in creating “content” to keep you online longer to sell you whimsical, (& financially inaccessible) escapist products.


I’m interested in simmering mindfulness-based practices into easily digestible bits to reach you where YOU are, utilizing easy-to-grasp-and-incorporate concepts so you can live your most fulfilled life.

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I am part of the network of survivor-led, somatic healing. I believe in humanity’s ability to choose to participate in healing ecosystems that are locally & non-commercially driven, anti-oppressive and harm reductive. By choosing to subscribe to support me as a writer, healer and activist, you are choosing to support someone who also needs the support of their community. I am a working class, neurodiverse, queer, nonbinary, IPV & trauma survivor, and former sex worker. My work is aimed to retrieve inaccessible “self care” from the Americanized (aka commodified) wellness industry to foster sustainable, survival care for under-resourced communities and Mother Earth herself. Offering financial compensation for the labor of survivor-activists is contributing to the ecosystem of community healing & repair.

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I teach in-person & virtual classes & workshops, offer practice sessions, one-on-one and group coaching, and lead a community where you can learn and practice cultivating transformative, rawthentic and collaborative wellBEing together.

“You Can Sit With Us” is the community I facilitate with accessible & equity priced subscription tiers. This is a community founded on the principle of BElonging & inclusion. Visit www.deannadangermindfulness.com to learn more about my offerings.

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Deanna Sophia Danger

The Artistic Mystic formerly known as Danger | Professional Catalyst | Teaching trauma-sensitive mindfulness & radical community wellBEing | they/them | STL/RVA https://linktr.ee/DeannaDanger